Nara’thel, a word from the dead language Aleic, translates to common as “the least of us.”

The Nara’thel are a secret society and combat school most widely known for their requirement that each student spend a term of years blended in amongst the lowest class of society. Through this practice of placing highly trained warriors within the ranks of beggars and peasants, the organization believes it can protect those who need it the most. While atrocities are still committed against the poor in Pascal, the Nara’thel’s home region, the rate is significantly lower than that of other regions. The practice has also lead to a saying in Pascal that has been exported across WTBNL: “One never knows what lies under the rags of a beggar.”

Although structurally the Nara’thel remain a mystery, their recruiting methods are somewhat commonly known. Agents of the organization draw candidates from orphanages around WTBNL in a bid to maintain the anonymity of their ranks and to provide a way toward better life for promising youth. In addition to this source, it has been rumored that regions recently torn by war can expect visits from Nara’thel emissaries. Their objective being to care for the young that are left behind by the violence and, on occasion, take in potential pupils.

Outside of their penchant for surprising would-be thieves, little is known about the deeds or goals of the society. In many cities in and around Pascal, rumors accompany the arrival of any previously unknown lord or lady. There have even been whispers that the Premier of Daneel, the largest city in Pascal, has ties to the Nara’thel.


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